(3) Sheet metal processing methods

Update:20 Feb 2019

  2. Forming: Sheet metal forming is one of the ma […]


2. Forming:

Sheet metal forming is one of the main processing methods in sheet metal processing. Forming can be divided into manual forming and machine forming. Hand forming is often used as a supplementary processing or finishing work and is rarely used. However, when processing some materials with complicated shapes or deformation, it is still inseparable from manual forming. Manual forming is done using a few simple fixtures. The following methods are mainly used: bending, edging, edge-closing, arching, curling, and sizing.

Our main discussion here is machine forming: bending forming, stamping forming.

2.1 Bending forming - The upper and lower dies are respectively fixed to the upper and lower tables of the folding bed, and the relative movement of the driving table is transmitted by the servo motor, and the shape of the upper and lower dies is combined to realize the bending forming of the plate. The forming accuracy of the bend can reach 0.1 mm.

2.2 Stamping forming - The motor is driven by the flywheel to drive the upper mold, combined with the relative shape of the upper and lower molds to deform the sheet and realize the forming of the material. The precision of press forming can reach 0.1mm or more. Punch presses can be divided into ordinary punch presses and high speed presses.

3, the connection of the metal sheet

Ventilation pipes and components made of sheet metal can be connected by means of bite connection, rivet connection, welding, and the like. This section mainly introduces the bite connection.