About repair and maintenance method of punch

Update:16 Aug 2019

  1. Regularly clean the equipment and check the l […]


1. Regularly clean the equipment and check the locking of the foundation fastening screws.

2. The guide rail crankshaft and the connecting rod fueling screw ball head shaft are refueled.

3. Lubricate the oil pump of the system and open the oil pump to supply oil to each lubrication point.

4. Check if the manipulator and clutch brake are normal.

5. Check whether the oil circuit and oil pump are in good condition.

6. Check the drive shaft, copper sleeve and bearing operation for 3 months at regular intervals, disassemble and replace or replace.

7. Check the manipulator clutch, disassemble and refuel, observe the wear, repair or replace.

8. Check the operation of the clutch and brake: When “inching”, check if the “inching” and stopping angle of the crankshaft are too large.

9. Check the running state of the flywheel: from the back of the press, the flywheel should rotate clockwise, the V-belt should not have the vibration and slip phenomenon. Check the single stroke: When the crank angle is before 160°,release the two-hand running button, the slider should be immediately Stop, when the crank angle turns 160°, release the two-hand button and the slider should stop at the top dead center.

10. Check if the indication value of each pressure mark is within the given range.