Classification of non-ferrous metals:

Update:23 Mar 2019

  (1) Colored pure metals are classified into five […]


(1) Colored pure metals are classified into five categories: heavy metals, light metals, precious metals, semi-metals and rare metals.

(2) Non-ferrous alloys are classified according to alloy systems: heavy non-ferrous alloys, light non-ferrous alloys, precious metal alloys, rare metal alloys, etc.; depending on the alloy application, they can be divided into: deformation (alloy for pressure processing), cast alloy, bearing alloy, printing Alloys, hard alloys, solders, intermediate alloys, metal powders, etc.

(3) Colored materials are classified according to chemical composition: copper and copper alloy materials, aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, lead and lead alloy materials, nickel and nickel alloy materials, titanium and titanium alloy materials. When classified by shape, it can be divided into: plate, strip, belt, foil, tube, rod, wire, type and other varieties.

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