Copper surface treatment process 3

Update:13 Jul 2019

  6 Welds: Weld joints shall be ground. There shal […]


6 Welds: Weld joints shall be ground. There shall be no defects such as slag, pores, undercuts, splashes, cracks, unfused, and insufficient penetration on the surface of the weld. The weld and the base metal shall be smooth and transition, not lower than the mother. material.

7 Orthopaedic: The orthopedics of stainless steel parts should avoid the use of flame heating methods, especially the repeated heating of the same area. When orthopedic, try to use mechanical devices, or use a wooden hammer (rubber hammer) or a rubber pad to hammer, do not hammer with a hammer to avoid damage to stainless steel parts.

8 Handling: When handling stainless steel parts during processing, use transportation tools (such as trolleys, battery cars or cranes) and clean them with isolation protection measures to prevent dust, oil and rust from contaminating stainless steel. It is strictly forbidden to drag directly on the platform or the ground, and it is strictly prohibited to bump and scratch.