Ferrous metal materials

Update:13 Oct 2018

Ferrous metal materials are collectively referred to as […]

Ferrous metal materials are collectively referred to as iron, chromium and manganese in the industry. Also included are alloys of these three metals, especially alloy black metal steel and steel. The opposite of ferrous metal is non-ferrous metal. In fact pure iron and chromium are silvery white, while manganese is silver grey. Because the steel surface is usually covered with a layer of black ferroferric oxide, manganese and chromium are mainly used to smelt black alloy steel. Therefore, it will be "misclassified" as ferrous metal.

The classification of ferrous metals also has its significance, because these three metals are the main raw materials for smelting steel, and steel plays an extremely important role in the national economy and is also an important indicator for measuring the national strength of a country. The output of ferrous metals accounts for about 95% of the world's total metal production.