High melting point and low density

Update:28 Feb 2019

Titanium and Titanium Alloys: It is considered to be an […]

Titanium and Titanium Alloys: It is considered to be an important metal material in the 21st century. Titanium alloys have good compatibility with the human body and can therefore be used to make artificial bones. Advantages of titanium alloy:

1 high melting point and low density;

2 Good plasticity, easy processing and good mechanical properties;

3 Good corrosion resistance Titanium-nickel alloy has the ability of “memory” to remember the shape at a certain temperature. As long as this temperature is returned, it will return to the shape at this temperature, which is also called “memory metal”. In addition, titanium also

Superconducting materials can be produced, and 90% of the superconducting materials produced in the United States are made of titanium-rhenium alloy.


(1) The alloy is a mixture of a metal and a metal or a metal and a non-metal.

(2) Many properties of alloys differ from the pure metals that make them, making the alloys more suitable for different applications.

(3) Metal materials used daily are mostly alloys.

(4) After the metal is fused with other metals and non-metals, not only the composition changes, but also the internal composition of the metal changes, causing a change in properties.