How does the machine machine metal parts 4?

Update:25 May 2019

  04 grinding processing Grinding refers to the pr […]


04 grinding processing

Grinding refers to the processing method of removing excess material from a workpiece by using abrasives and abrasive tools. Grinding is one of the most widely used cutting methods. Grinding is a machining process in which the surface of a workpiece is machined using a grinding tool such as a grinding wheel that rotates at a high speed.

Grinding is used to machine the inner and outer cylindrical faces, conical faces and planes of various workpieces as well as special and complex forming surfaces such as threads, gears and splines. Due to the high hardness of the abrasive particles, the abrasive tools are self-sharpening, and the grinding can be used to process various materials, including high hardness metals such as hardened steel, high strength alloy steel, hard alloy, glass, ceramic and marble. metallic material.

Grinding is usually used for semi-finishing and finishing, with an accuracy of IT8-5 or higher, surface roughness is generally Ra1.25-0.16 microns, precision grinding is Ra0.16-0.04 microns, ultra-precision grinding It is cut to Ra 0.04-0.01 μm, and the mirror surface grinding can reach Ra 0.01 μm or less.