Iron nature

Update:27 Oct 2018

  It is a bright silver-white metal. The density i […]


It is a bright silver-white metal. The density is 7.86 g/cm3. The temperature of 1535℃, the boiling point of 2750℃. Common valences +2 and +3 have good ductility and thermal conductivity. It can also conduct electricity. Pure iron can be both magnetized and demagnetized, and it is very fast. The ionization energy is 7.870 eV. Chemically active, it is a good reducing agent.

If there are impurities, it will rust in humid air; it will rust faster in the humid air with acid gas or halogen vapor. Soluble in dilute acid. It can be passivated in concentrated nitric acid. When heated, it can be combined with halogen, sulfur, silicon, carbon, phosphorus, and the like. In addition to the formation of +2 and +3 valence oxides, there is also a composite oxide Fe3O4 (which is a magnetic oxide). Iron is an indispensable metal in the industrial sector.