Problems that need to be paid attention to during the use of metal fibers

Update:19 Jan 2019

  1. Effect on fabric density Since the metal fibe […]


1. Effect on fabric density

Since the metal fiber blended yarn contains metal fibers, the diameter and unit volume vary with the content of the metal fibers. Compared with the purely spun product, the yarn containing the metal fiber material has an increased density and a smaller diameter, which is for the fabric density. meeting

Have an impact and should be noted when designing the fabric;

2. Detection

In view of the difference in the dielectric coefficient between the metal fiber of the current capacitive electronic strip dryer and the conventional conventional fiber, the current capacitive electronic strip dryer cannot be used, and thus the relevant detection data is lacking;

In the capacitive electronic yarn clearer, the yarn of the metal fiber blended yarn is immediately cut off when placed in the detector, so the capacitive electronic yarn clearer cannot be used to remove defects in the metal fiber blended yarn. Therefore, the electric clear must use photoelectric

The electronic yarn clearer, and the photoelectric coefficient of the photoelectric clearer, needs to be slightly larger than the ordinary yarn, specifically according to the condition of the broken pipe.

Semi-finished products for the detection of semi-finished products of metal fiber blended yarns can also be used to control the quality of semi-finished products. For example, the strips are dried using a "Sachs bar" and the yarns are checked using a black strip.

Due to the high strength of the metal fiber blended yarn, it is easy to strain the finger when the value is broken. Therefore, the value of the turner, the use of white tape to wrap the fingers inspire us, the operation needs to pay attention to this detail.