Sheet metal material

Update:26 Jan 2019

  1, electrolytic plate: SECC (N) (anti-fingerprin […]


1, electrolytic plate: SECC (N) (anti-fingerprint plate) 丶 SECC (P) 丶 DX1 丶 DX2 丶 SECD (stretch plate). Material hardness: HRB50°+-5°, tensile plate: HRB32°~37°

2, cold rolled sheet: SPCC 丶 SPCD (stretching plate) 丶 08F 丶 20 丶 25 丶 Q235-A 丶 CRS. Material hardness: HRB50°+-5°, tensile plate: HRB32°~37°.

3, aluminum plate; AL 丶 AL (1035) 丶 AL (6063) 丶 AL (5052) and so on.

4, stainless steel plate: SUS, SUS301 (302, 303, 304), 2Cr13 丶 1Cr18Ni9Ti and so on.

5, other commonly used materials are: pure copper plate (T1, T2) 丶 hot rolled plate 丶 spring steel plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum profiles.

Sheet metal processing technology Sheet metal processing technology can be basically divided into: scribing, shearing, folding, rounding (rolling), bending, biting or welding, flange making and upper flanges. This section mainly introduces the processes of scribing, rolling, folding, biting, and bending.