Synthetic metal

Update:14 Sep 2018

  A substance having two or more chemical elements […]


A substance having two or more chemical elements, and at least one of which is a metal element and having a metal characteristic is called an alloy. Alloys composed of two elements are collectively referred to as "binary alloys", and alloys composed of three or more elements are collectively referred to as "multiple alloys". The structure and properties of the alloy depend on the nature of the interaction between the components that make up the alloy.

Titanium alloy

The crystals of the alloy are composed of different types of atoms, and have different crystal structures and properties depending on the interaction of the constituent elements. Nichrome alloy has high electrical resistivity and heat resistance (1000 ° C ~ 1200 ° C), often used as electric furnace wire; aluminum alloy unit weight is close to high quality steel; beryllium bronze has extremely high hardness and strength, and It has good elasticity, strong corrosion resistance, good weldability and machinability, and is often used to manufacture special bearings, elastic components, and tools that do not generate sparks. Since the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of alloys tend to be superior to those of pure metals, the metal materials used in industry are almost all alloys.

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