Various metal parts polishing machinery

Update:29 Dec 2018

  The metal polishing machine is a general-purpose […]


The metal polishing machine is a general-purpose polishing machine for the surface decoration of metal parts. The automation of the polishing machine is continuously improved. The feeding and retracting in the production process are relatively simple, and the operation of the personnel is guaranteed. At the same time, the quality of the polished metal workpiece is easy to control and uniform. High, clean and bright, mirror polished.

Metal polishing machine (steel ball polishing machine, stainless steel polishing machine, copper aluminum polishing machine, bearing polishing machine, watch polishing machine, gear polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, mirror polishing machine), widely used in stainless steel parts, machinery, hardware Stamping parts, standard parts, standard electronic parts, instrumentation, watches and clocks, mobile phone accessories, bicycle parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, sewing machine parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, bearings, electrical parts and crafts, medical equipment, aerospace, military, small pieces of small and medium-sized pieces such as jewelry and tableware are polished. It is suitable for polishing, fine polishing, deburring, deflashing, chamfering, descaling, descaling, and removing traces of various irregular metal workpieces.

Five characteristics of metal polishing machine

1. The polishing machine has simple and compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and fast and reliable use.

2. The polishing machine adopts a single-axis horizontal planetary gear structure and is equipped with a continuously variable energy-saving motor, which can effectively improve work efficiency.

3. The metal polishing machine workpiece cylinder is double-layer design, the outer cylinder is made of metal material, and the inner cylinder is made of wear-resistant insulating grease material, which is durable.

4, polishing machine electrical equipment, for the touch light indicator start, timing setting, speed setting, set circuit leakage, short circuit, phase loss, overload, undervoltage and overvoltage protection as one, can increase the operator's protection and equipment use life.

5. Special polishing equipment for various metal parts. After polishing, the surface achieves a mirror effect.